Easter Egg Napkin Holder Craft Project

01322243196_thankful-tree-thanksgiving-craft-photo-420-ff1102tablea09.jpgEaster Craft for Kids
This Easter Egg Napkin Holder is perfect to display on your kitchen table during the Easter holiday. It is made out of air drying clay and very durable. The kids can really get into this craft project and display their artistic abilities. Be sure to lay out a plastic tarp or plastic tablecloth for the kids to work on. Clay can be a messy art product and kids know just how to get it everywhere!
To Make an Easter Egg Napkin Holder Craft Project You Will Need:
Poster board or sturdy thick paper
Egg shaped Cookie cutter (optional)
Air Drying Clay
Butter Knife (Plastic or Metal)
Tooth Picks, pencils, wooden skewers, or clay tools
Rollin pin
Acrylic Paint
Clear Acrylic Spray Paint
To start this craft project first have the kids draw out a simple egg shape on some paper. This egg should be about 6 inches tall and about 4 inches wide.
If you have an egg shaped cookie cutter this size you could use this instead.
Next, cut the Easter Egg shape out with scissors.
Break off a hunk of air drying clay and roll it out to a sheet of clay that is about ½ inch thick. You can use a rolling pin to do this.
Lay the Easter Egg cut out on the clay and trace around it with a toothpick. Repeat this process making two Easter Egg. Cut the shape out with a paring knife or plastic butter knife. Next, cut out a rectangle that is as wide as the base as the Easter Egg and about 3 inches deep. This will be the base of the napkin hold that allows it to stand up.
The kids can carve details in to the two Easter Egg shapes or even add details making three-dimensional pieces out of left over clay. Circles, stripes, squiggles and curly cues are all good shapes.
It is a good idea to make sure the Easter Egg will be standing in the same direction when they are standing up, but that is optional. The Easter Egg should be able to hold your napkins either way.
Once the Easter Egg has received all they’re carving a detail you need to attach them to their base. Score the edge of the base by scratching it with your toothpick. Rub some water over the marks and place the Easter Egg upright. Use your finger to shape it into the clay and really connect it. Repeat this process on the other side.
I like to support the Easter Egg napkin holder while it is drying with a canned good on either side. Wrap your canned food in plastic wrap to keep it clean. You may find that you need to ball up some newspaper and put it in between the two Easter Egg to keep them sanding up right while they dry.
Once you Easter inspired napkin holder is dried let the kids paint it any way they want with acrylic paints. They can glue beads on or paint whatever they want with pastel acrylic paints.
Once the paint has dried take the Easter Egg napkin holder outside and spray it with a thick coat of acrylic spray paint. Let this layer of paint dry and then display it on your kitchen table or counter!
For an added detail to this craft project cut out a piece of felt the same size as the base of the Easter Egg napkin holder. Glue it to the bottom of your napkin holder. This will keep the dried clay from scratching your table. You could also attach those little rubber stoppers meant to hold pictures in place on the wall.

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